To Create

with Passion.

About Cinvox

In Cinvox, we are constantly looking for new creative ideas, and we aim to deliver each work as best quality as we can. 

That is why our brand statement is “To Create with Passion”. 

It is through the mixture of creativity and passion, we are able to drive the quality of our work to meet the highest industry standard.  



Originally founded by music and tech enthusiast Samuel Chan, Cinvox is headquartered in Hong Kong and is a leading provider of music composition for television and films in Hong Kong. Co-owned by Lead Composer Alan Cheung and Day Tai, Cinvox offers a top quality approach to audio and music for pictures.

What we do

Collectively our film credits include work for Project Gutenberg, Master Z : The Ip Man Legacy, Big Brother, The Empress of China, Story of Yanxi Palace, The Legend of Dugu, and many more.  We’re great at what we do, and we love sharing that passion with our clients. 

Why we do it 

Cinvox is a unique name which stands for “Cinematic Voice”, we strive to push the boundaries of cinematic music, and to deliver the best cinematic quality work for all our clients.  Making every projects of ours sound as best as it can for our clients is always our number 1 priority.   


Directors and Senior Management 


Chan Yan Karm, Samuel

Chief Executive Officer 

Samuel Chan is Chief Executive Officer of Cinvox Creative Media Ltd., and is responsible for developing and executing Cinvox’s strategic priorities in the region, as well as advancing its transformation agenda of becoming a leading provider of game and entertainment audio contents in Greater China. 


Samuel has a demonstrated history of working in music & entertainment, information technology and services industry including as Regional Head of Hasten Energy (UK) Ltd., Co-founder of APAS Technology Ltd., Chief Strategy and Transformation Officer of Osmosis International Holdings Ltd.  In 2019 Samuel was awarded a scholarship for his experiences in Entrepreneurship/Start-up and Technology to study for Master of Business Administration (MBA Global) at the University of Manchester. 



Music Experiences 

Samuel moved to United Kingdom at the age of ten. Enlightened by his teachers, he discovered his passion for music and technology. In 2005, he studied piano with Professor John Byrne of the Royal College of Music and was awarded a scholarship in 2007 to study music and music technology at Wells Cathedral School, one of five specialist musical schools for school-age children in the United Kingdom.  Samuel returned to Hong Kong in 2009 and studied composition with Ronald Ng, a renowned music composer from Hong Kong, and participated extensively in film scoring and song production.  ​

Directors and Senior Management

Tai Wai, Day

Leads Composer

Dai Wei is a film composer, record producer and musical director for concerts and stage. 

Day has been nominated 8 times for the Best Original Film Song and Best Original Film Score for his work in "Project Gutenberg”, "The Way We Dance”, “She Remembers, He Forgets” and “Weeds on Fire” and has won 3 times in the 33rd, 35th and 36th Hong Kong Film Award for Best Original Film Song. His original soundtracks for the movies “Project Gutenberg”, “Master Z : The Ip Man Legacy” and “Big Brother” have been well received across Asia.  Day studied Orchestration for Film and TV at Berklee College of Music after graduating from Canada, and formed his band A-DAY in 2001. In 2007, he won the 19th CASH Song Writing Competition, and debuted two music album “One Day" And “Love this day” with his band .  

Day has worked with multiple artist as a composer, arranger and producer including Chilam Cheung, James Ng, Supper Moment, Wilfred Lau, Jim Chim, Jordan Chan, Tats Lau, Sugar Club, Jade Kwan, Edwin Siu, Alfred Hui.

Major Awards

  • 38th Hong Kong Film Award for Best Original Film Score (Nominated) 

  • 38th Hong Kong Film Award for Best Original Film Song (Nominated) 

  • 36th Hong Kong Film Award for Best Original Film Score (Nominated)

  • 36th Hong Kong Film Award for Best Original Film Song (Won) 

  • 35th Hong Kong Film Award for Best Original Film Score (Nominated)

  • 35th Hong Kong Film Award for Best Original Film Song (Won) 

  • Golden Sail Music Award 2015 (Won)

  • Spikes Asia Silver Award 2015 (Won)

  • 33rd Hong Kong Film Award for Best Original Film Score (Nominated)

  • 33rd Hong Kong Film Award for Best Original Film Song (Won) 

  • Golden Sail Music Award 2013 (Won)

  • 19th CASH Song Writing Award (Won)

  • China Golden Disc Award 2005 (Won)

Directors and Senior Management

Cheung Ka Shing, Alan

Lead Song Writer 

Mr. Alan Cheung is an award-winning composer and producer for pop music, advertising jingles and movie soundtracks.

Alan has more than 15 years of experience in music composing and production. He has published over 400 songs with more than 60 chart no. 1s and several award-winning songs. He has also published over 50 theme songs for TV dramas and films, and more than 50 advertising jingles for international brands.

His music covers a wider variety of genres including pop, rock, R&B, jazz, dance and instrumentals. He has collaborated with multiple singers including Joey Yung, Andy Lau, Alfred Hui, Fred Cheng, Jinny Ng, Fiona Sit, Twins and Jade Kwan.

Major Awards​

  • Award of “Composer of Highest No. of New Works Performed” 2018

  • Best Producer Award from Metro Radio 2016

  • Award of “Composer of Highest No. of New Works Performed” 2016

  • TVB J.S.G Awards Presentation 6 song awards and “Best Duet Song” 2016

  • TVB’s best TV drama theme song 2016

  • Malaysia’s best TV drama theme song 2016

  • Singapore’s best TV drama theme song 2016

  • Award of “Composer of Highest No. of New Works Performed” 2015

  • TVB J.S.G Awards Presentation Song of the Year 2015

  • Yahoo’s best TV drama theme song 2015

  • TVB’s best TV drama theme song 2015

  • Singapore’s best TV drama theme song 2015

  • Malaysia’s best TV drama theme song 2015

  • Chinese pop song composing award 2015

  • Chinese pop song composing award 2014

  • TVB J.S.G Awards Presentation 4 song awards 2014

  • Award of “Composer of Highest No. of New Works Performed” 2014

Strategic Direction

Economy of Scope


Cinvox Brand

Our Brand is a logical narrative of Cinvox Creative Media's brand spirit, key values and vision statement.  All of the elements of our brand should be internalised to set the direction, philosophy and identity of the brand.  It is important for us to manage the brand with coherence based on these principles in order to enhance and maximise the value of our brand.

Brand Statement

Our brand statement is a sentence that conveys the "tone of voice" of the brand by showing the key values and vision of Cinvox Creative Media.  It portrays Cinvox's passion towards being constantly innovative, keen to improve and opening ourself to new trends and ideas, and in turn, doing the best we can to create the best work.  It reinforces the image and identity of the brand by delivering the brand's philosophy and goals both internally and externally. 

To Create with Passion.

Brand Vision

The brand vision lays out Cinvox Creative Media's future direction and ultimate goals.  The aim is to create a brand experience unique to Cinvox by producing the best cultural contents, and by doing so, become a brand that can inspires others and attract top talents around Asia. 

Full participation in entertainment culture,

to drive a new era of talent development, growth, and productivity. 

Key Values

The key values are the values and norms that Cinvox Creative Media should pursue in order to maintain a coherent brand identity.  They should be internalised in all of the elements of various brand experiences and kept in mind when expressing and managing the brand.  


Constantly pushing ourself to innovate and to deliver our best work. 


We care about our people, those who works with us, as much as our work.  


We draw on our experiences and eager to change for better, large or small.

Brand Spirit

The brand spirit is the sentiment that lies within all business activities and is the attitude and views shared by all participants.  "Endless pursuit for excellence" exemplifies the spirit of Cinvox Creative Media, which strives to deliver the highest quality of work. 

Endless pursuit for excellence.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our company mission is to drive a new era of talent development, growth, and productivity.  It guides everything we do, including our support for the communities in which we operate.  We have a corporate social responsibility to help make society stronger and more resilient.  We approach this by offering a combination of our expertise and volunteer work.  Our efforts centre on two areas where we are in a prime position to make a greater impact - encouraging youth creativity and the heath and wellness of talents.


Talent's Health and Wellness

Talents are valuable asset of the company, that their health conditions are also critical to the company’s operations.


To keep our talents physically healthy, we always organize outdoor group activities such as cycling ecotour, offering opportunities for physical exercise, as well as enhancing knowledge on environment conservation and personal bonding among them.


To keep our talents mentally healthy, we have meditation and mindfulness classes in alternate Thursdays allowing them to relief stress and to purify their mind and soul.


To encourage individual’s enhancement, regular workshops and masterclasses is provided to support life-long learning.

Encouraging Youth Creativity​

Technological advancement and the popularity of smart devices nurture creativity, and encourage our young generation to create more musical contents online. However, in order to pursue a music career, besides cost considerations, they also have to face different difficulties and risks, including social media management and market promotion.


To support young talents, Cinvox will be giving a series of workshops on artistic development with various non-governmental organisations in Hong Kong with free admission for those with valid student ID card, to support local students to start a career in music and entertainment.

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